Famous Inventors and Their Famous Inventions Timeline

Agreicola, Georgius, Mine drainage pump, 1494-1555

Ampere, Andre, Currents in a magnetic field, 1775-1836

Archimedes, Mathematics (pi) and hydrostatics, 287-212 BC

Becquerel, Henri, Radioactivity, 1852-1908

Bell, Alexander, Telephone, harmonic telegraph, 1847-1922
Alexander Bell

Benz, Karl, Car electrical ignition, radiator, 1844-1929

Carlson, Chester, Xerography photocopying, 1906-1968

Coulomb, Charles, Electrostatics, torsion balance, 1736-1806

Daguerre, Louis, Photographic process, 1757-1851

Davy, Sir Humphrey, Miner's safety lamp, 1778-1829

Dewar, Sir James, Vacuum insulated flask, 1842-1923

Diesel, Rudolf, Diesel engine, 1858-1913

Edison, Thomas, Lightbulb, phonograph, 1847-1931

Franklin, Benjamin, Bifocals, lightning rod, 1706-1790

Goldmark, Peter, Gramophone, 1906-1977

Guericke, Otto von, Air pump, 1602-1686

Gutenberg, Johann, Movable type printing, 1394-1468

Hargraves, James, Spinning jenny, 1720-1778

Kelvin, Lord (William Thompson), Galvanometer, 1824-1907

Lumiere, Louis, Cinema (moving pictures), 1864-1948

Marconi, Guglielmo, Wireless telegraphy, 1874-1937

Marey, Etienne Jules, Sphygmograph, 1830-1904

Maxim, Sir Hiram, Automatic machine gun, 1840-1916

Morse, Samuel, Telegraph, 1791-1872

Nasmyth, James, Steam hammer, 1808-1890

Newcomen, Thomas, Steam engine, 1663-1729

Newton, Sir Isaac, Reflecting telescope, 1642-1727

Nobel, Alfred, Dynamite, 1833-1896

Rontgen, Wilhelm Conrad, X-ray imaging, 1845-1923

Sperry, Elmer, Gyrocompass, 1860-1930

Trevithick, Richard, High pressure steam engine, 1771-1833

Volta, Alessandro, Voltaic pile (battery), 1745-1827

Whitney, Eli, Cotton gin, milling machine, 1765-1825

Wright, Wilber & Orville, Airplane, 1867-1912, 1871-1948

Zworykin, Vladimir, Iconoscope, 1889-1982

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