Famous Black Inventors and Their Famous Inventions

Lewis Latimer, Light bulb filaments (worked with Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison), 1848-1928
Lewis Latimer

Jan Matzeliger, Shoe manufacturing, railroad car coupler, 1852-1889

Elijah McCoy, Engine lubrication, graphite lubricator (57 patents), 1843-1928

Frederick McKinley Jones, Refrigeration in trucks, sound reproduction, ticket dispensing, 1893-1961

Garrett Morgan, Gas mask, hair straightening cream, traffic signal device, 1877-1963

Norbert Rillieux, Sugar processing machinery, 1806-1894

Lewis Temple, Whale harpoon (improvement), 1800-1854

Granville Woods, Synchronus multiplex railway telegraph, electro-mechanical brake, induction telegraphy, several other electrical devices, 1856-1910

Percy Julian, Chemistry: physostigmine, fire extinguishing soy protein, cortisone synthesis, 1899-1975

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