Famous Women Inventors and Their Famous Inventions

Hedy Lamarr, Spread spectrum technology which led to CDMA cell phones, 1914-2000
Hedy Lamarr

Helen Blanchard, Zig Zag sewing machine, 1840-1922

Martha Coston, Signal flares used by ships, 1826-1904

Marion Donovan, Disposable diaper, 1917-1998

Gertrude Belle Elion, Anti-Leukemia drugs, 1918-1999

Lillian Moller Gilbreth, Electric food mixer, trash can with a foot-pedal, 1878-1972

Helen Free, Glucose detection for diabetes, 1923-

Bette Nesmith Graham, Liquid paper (white out), 1924-1980

Elizabeth Lee Hazen, Nystatin antifungal antibiotic, 1885-1975

Dr. Grace Murray Hopper, COBOL computer language, 1906-1992

Mary Phelps Jacob, Brassiere, 1891-1970

Anna W. Keichline, K-brick (led to concrete block), folding bed, compressed-air radiator, 1889-1943

Mary Dixon Kies, Process for weaving straw with silk or thread, 1752-1837

Margaret Knight, Machine for making flat bottom paper bags, 1838-1914

Stephanie Kwolek, Synthetic materials which led to Kevlar, 1923-

Ann Moore, Pouch-like infant carrier, 1940-

Patsy Sherman, Scotchgard textile protector, 1930-

Dr. Giuliana Tesoro, Chemical compounds and processes (over 125 patents), 1921-

Ruth Wakefield, Chocolate chip cookies (Toll House Crunch Cookies), 1905-1977

Dr. Rosalyn Yalow, Radioimmunoassay (Nobel prize), 1921-

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